Alexis Pilkington 
Memorial Foundation

Scholarship Information

The Alexis Pilkington Memorial Scholarship has been developed in memory of Lexi, a 2010 graduate of West Islip High School in New York. Lexi was a 17 year old, outgoing, All-County athlete who was a best friend to many and liked by all.  She tragically took her own life on March 21st, 2010.  In honor of Lexi's life, and in the hope that her death will not have been in vain, multiple scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors. Our wish is that these scholarships, awarded in Lexi's name, will continue to raise awareness toward suicide prevention. 
If we can save one life, it's worth the effort.

Each year, we award up to $7,777.77 in scholarship money to deserving, college bound, high school seniors.  

This scholarship opportunity is available for students nationwide!

Applicants will be required to write an essay of no more than 500 words describing "How today's teenagers can improve their social skills."

Essays may address such topics such as, but not limited to:

- Text messaging
- FaceBook
- Formspring
- Instagram
- Verbal Communication
- Parent / Child Communication
- High School Sportsmanship

In addition, the scholarship committee may take the following factors into consideration:
- Applicant's need of financial assistance
- Current grade point average
- Community Service activity
- Applicant's work ethic
- Participation in extra-curricular activities (i.e., sports, clubs, etc.)

Completed applications should include the following:

500 Word (or less) Essay

Community Service documentation

Letters of Reference

High School Transcript

Any additional information about yourself that you feel is important and should be considered as part of your scholarship application


Applications may be submitted through your Guidance Office or mailed directly to the foundation

Alexis Pilkington Memorial Foundation
PO Box 407
West Islip, NY 11795