Alexis Pilkington 
Memorial Foundation

About Lexi

Alexis Skye Pilkington (aka Lexi) was born June 17th, 1992 to Paula & Tom Pilkington and was the younger sister to her brother Jared.  From the beginning, Lexi was a curly blond-headed handful, always voicing her displeasure in a loud hair-curling manner.  She feared almost nothing.  However, she didn’t like roller coasters until she was thirteen years old.  Hence, Lexi’s athletic career started at a young age.  She took to soccer and softball like a fish to water.  Although excelling in both sports, Lexi ultimately picked soccer as her sport of choice.

Having lived her whole life on the South Shore of Long Island, in West Islip, New York, Lexi learned to play soccer through the West Islip Soccer Club.  Starting in the U-6 (under 6) league, Lexi worked her way to The Lady Titans U-10 travel team, and was coached by Tom Rooney and her mother, Paula.  Lexi played with the Lady Titans for several years and upon leaving the Titans went on to play with the West Islip Lady Lions.  From there she played with the West Islip Mustangs and finished club play with the West Islip Blue Diamonds, under Coach Diane Richman.

During her soccer career, Lexi became involved in refereeing, starting with youth games within the club.  Eventually, she was certified as an AR (Assistant Referee) and subsequently as a Referee for the Long Island Junior Soccer League. Lexi also donated numerous hours to many of the West Islip indoor soccer tournaments and was known to assist younger girls in honing their soccer skills.

Throughout her school years, Lexi played soccer with the Udall Road Middle School, the West Islip High School JV Team and was a two-year starter with the Varsity Team.  In the fall of 2008, Lexi's West Islip High School Girls Soccer Team (WIGS) made it to the Suffolk County Finals.  Unfortunately they were defeated by a superior East Islip Team, but still earned the respect of all throughout the league.  That year Lexi was named to the All-League Team as a center mid fielder.

In the fall of 2009, and with zero expectations for a successful season, the West Islip High School Girls Soccer Team found themselves once again in the Suffolk County Finals, facing a tough Sachem opponent.  In what is considered one of the best come backs in West Islip High School soccer history, the girls found themselves down 2-0 with approximately 9 minutes remaining in the game.  Utilizing a line that Lexi spoke and lived by on the field, "GIVE EVERYTHING, BUT UP", the girls stormed back to tie the game with less than two minutes left and subsequently won the game on a goal assisted by Lexi with less than a second on the clock.  The team went on to win the Long Island Championship and pushed the defending state champs to the limit in the New York State semi-finals.  Lexi was awarded the Sportsmanship award in the New York State Playoffs and was selected to the Suffolk All-County Team that season.  Several months later Lexi committed to Dowling College to play with their Women's Soccer Team in the fall of 2010.

Although Lexi excelled in soccer, she did not limit herself to it.  Lexi also participated on the Udall Road Middle School Volleyball Team, the West Islip Girls Lacrosse travel team, the West Islip High School Girls JV Lacrosse Team, the West Islip High School Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team, and was also a statistician with the High School Wrestling Team.  She was known to be a feisty, competitive, upbeat, solid teammate that could be counted on to give 110% at all times.  Lexi was also known to look out for and take under her wing any of the younger or newer players.  It was apparent her peers enjoyed playing with and wanted Lexi as a teammate.

Although sports were a significant part of Lexi's life, like any teen, she also had her friends and social life.  While she had numerous friends and was best friends to many, her neighbor James was her longest and closest friend.  The two were only three months apart in age, lived next door to each other their entire lives and were quite inseparable in their early ages.  Despite that they would associate with different groups of friends, they knew they could always count on each other to be there for one another.  As previously stated, Lexi ran in many circles, befriending just about all she met.  It didn't matter what race or religion you were, if you were wealthy or not, athlete or not, popular or not, or whether you drove a Honda Civic or Bushwhacker truck, she took to them and they took to her.

Lexi loved fishing with her Grandpa, snowboarding with her friends, especially Danielle and Nikki, going to the beach with just about anyone (even if the beach was in Florida) and would never pass up an opportunity to surf with James.  Lexi could be described at any given time as the following; competitive, friendly, champion, beautiful, instigator, confidant, sister, teammate, #7, daughter, upbeat, niece, dependable, grand-daughter, unpredictable, athletic, cousin, soccer player, 17, spunky, fun, lacrosse player, loud, nice, obnoxious, considerate, student, gorgeous, expert in texting, snow boarder, beach goer, surfer, fisher girl, college bound, swimmer, car hopper, mediator, beautiful, fast and courageous.

Unfortunately, since Lexi took her own life on March 21st, 2010, it is now quite apparent she was also ill and had been masking a deep dark depression for some time.  Sadly, her death has brought a great deal of pain that we will carry in our hearts forever.  However, it is also true that with her death, Lexi brought hope to others.  By being an organ donor she has saved and or improved the lives of many.  Her tragic story and beautiful memory has inspired a new sense of togetherness and healing within the West Islip community.  In addition, as per the numerous letters and emails we have and still continue to receive, it is apparent she has touched lives across the globe.

We will always love you and so painfully miss you Lexi.